Omniscopy Enterprise Tool




Looking for a compromise between
a complex tool and an attractive design

It's like combining analytics with session logging and a huge potential for using machine learning.

More than just simple metrics

In this case, simplicity and minimalism was not an option. It's a tool very much oriented towards complex (and simple to use) solutions and a huge amount of options.

Data shown in many different ways

In this project, I was definitely dealing most with advanced charts and the problems of how to show complex data relationships on them in a simple way.

From tables, through complex charts and flow shows of user activity

Even a good knowledge about tools like Hotjar, for example, was not necessarily sufficient to solve the most complex design problems.

Finding optimal solutions for complex cases

Readability, appropriate use of color in complex cases, and the right balance between brand colors and the metrics of the product being analyzed.

Stay safe and healthy! Hope you like it!

I am a Designer who have done a lot of usability tests and research since 2009. This means that I can be active throughout the whole design process, from gathering information and planning the concept, through testing it and delivering the final design.

I have extensive experience in working with clients from Europe (mainly Germany, Switzerland, and England) and Asia (UAE and Bali). I have helped to create e-commerce, e-travel, e-learning products as well as for many specialist customers.