User Experience (UX)
I can help you turn a vision of your product into a specific information architecture and a wireframes / prototype showing how it can look and work.
Information Architecture / Wireframes
UX Designer's work is associated with mock-ups and wireframes. This can be the result of work in which you focus on understanding the context and matching solutions to business requirements and people's expectations.
However, UX Designer's work is primarily about finding the right information and defining problems. It's a bit like the work of a detective who tries to solve a case.
A four-day Design Sprint, during which we worked on the process of adding holiday reviews.
Examples of UX I've done
In projects I usually played a role depending on the needs - from Researcher to Designer. Below you will find some examples of projects in which I played the role of a typical UX designer.

I'm just finishing up the new content for my portfolio and it will be here soon.