User Experience (UX)
I can help you turn a vision of your product into a specific information architecture and a wireframes / prototype showing how it can look and work.
Examples of UX I've done
In some projects I combined the role of researcher and designer. During the usability tests I forget about my role as a designer and I am curious what new I will find out about the product. Such knowledge is invaluable because it allows me to find "invisible" problems and think about potential solutions, which are not always obvious. Below you will find examples.
From the implementation to the strengthening of product position on the market (2018)
This case describes the stage of a product's life from the moment it appears on the web to the moment it undergoes significant changes resulting from intensive research and attempts to understand human behaviour and expectations.
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Preparing the ground for a new version of the online tool for hoteliers (2016-2017)
This case shows the process of creating a new version of the product, including research, rebuilding the information architecture and adjusting the features to the needs of a specialised group of customers.
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A four-day Design Sprint, during which we worked on the process of adding holiday reviews.