About me
Hello, My name is Michał Aleksander. For over a decade I have been trying to design products well, with a strong emphasis on research.
For several years I have been trying to improve my design skills. But that's not all.
I am also a human being. I am interested in photography. I ride bicycles I don't have a driver's license. Yes, it's strange, but as a man I have never been interested in cars. But I have a beautiful bike and I enjoy every moment on it. I hope I' m saving the earth a little bit.
I like music. My most listened band is Tool. This voice, these sounds, this philosophy in lyrics. World is made up of the energy that permeates us and our body is a limitation for us.
Besides, I listen to a lot of nostalgic music. From here you will find me at Spotify Soap&Skin, Meg Myers, Julia Jacklin and many other brilliant voices. Maybe I don't quite understand it, but I feel good in these sounds.
And I'm a husband and a father. Especially this second part is a challenge for me.
And also photography. My first camera was bought by my grandmother. Today I use a much better one and I'm looking for good moments. I think I have some skills in this direction.
Me and design?
I've been designing for over a decade. At the very beginning I learned UX design and user research. I developed these two things at the same time believing that you can't design well without understanding the problem by contacting real people.
It gave me a lot of valuable experience. Thanks to that I was able to conduct usability tests not only in Poland (where I live), but also in Spain, Germany or the Emirates.
Michał is a great colleague. I’ve learned a lot working with him, and his design leadership skills allowed me to grow in my own role. He has great mentoring and negotiating skills which make him a great fit to work in both big and small teams. I enjoy discussing various decisions with him, both practical and conceptual. Anyone who works with him is lucky to be his teammate.
Aleksandra Grochowska-Levin
UX Copywriter & Product Writer / September 23, 2019 / Aleksandra worked with Michał in different groups
Solving problems and making a good project gives me a lot of satisfaction. Cooperation with various companies learned me a lot about how the world of digital product development works, how internal processes work, and what are the most common and repeated problems.
My skills
I can plan and execute all stages of the design process on my own. First of all, I can recognise problems and translate collected data into interface solutions. I test these later, changing the perspective of the designer to a researcher (I look for the right solutions and not for confirmations that my ideas are the best). I can harness my ego. I can also prepare final solutions in the target graphic form. I am able to present and justify proposed solutions, always keeping in mind the perspective of the user and business. Besides, I can manage the work of other people, not only delegating tasks properly but also motivating and enabling natural development.
Michał is one of the best managers I’ve ever worked with. He always had a clear vision of the team, he listened to our suggestions and he motivated us to be the best at what we were doing. He has a deep knowledge and understanding of user-centred design techniques and principles and he knows how to share this knowledge with others.I do recommend him as a manager and as a UX Designer to any company that want to work with competent, friendly and open-minded person.
Agata Tenerowicz
User Experience Consultant at Allegro / October 12, 2016 / Agata reported directly to Michał