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Research. Design.
Hello, I am Michał Aleksander
You can call me an Experienced Product Designer who has done a lot of usability tests and research. I have an experience with: e-commerce, e-learning, e-travel, hosting, b2b, SaaS. I had clients from the USA, England, Switzerland, Germany, the Emirates and Poland (where I live).
What are you looking for?
Understand the problems and improve your product
The key to good product development is to understand problems and choose the right solution. This can be done by understanding how people use your product.
Michal is easily one of the best, most well-rounded UX professionals I've worked with. He has the experience needed to partner with product owners and lead product teams toward a well-defined, user-focused vision. He is a natural leader who can mentor designers and help them grow their careers. And he can roll up his sleeves when it's time to conduct usability tests, produce wireframes for discussion with the team, or work with developers to get a great design into production.
Will Hortman
UX and Digital Design Leader / February 11, 2019 / Will managed Michał directly
Create an architecture of product, flow or prototype
I can help you turn a vision of your product into a specific information architecture and a prototype showing how it can look and work.
UX Examples
Michal is a forward thinker in product design. With strong commitment and initiative, he is always looking for the best solution from a user perspective, whilst keeping business interests in mind.
Steffen Ketterer
Digital Venture Manager / April 1, 2019 / Michał worked with Steffen in the same group
Change your design into modern and attractive one
Maybe you already have a product and just want to improve it from the visual side. You need someone with a sense of aesthetics and a consistent system.
UI Examples
Michal is a very passionate UX manager with a strong focus on meeting customer requirements. Working with him is a pleasure since he is highly motivated and drives his topics also perfectly aligned with management, peers and his team. I like his structured approach, clear communication, creativity and results orientation.
Timo Salzsieder
Chief Solution Officer / July 26, 2017