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I Am a Designer on a bike and with a camera

My name is Michał (‘me-how‘) and I am located in Poland.

What I like about being a designer is the satisfaction when I look at my design and feel that it is right in every aspect. And when I see people using it without any problems.

What I like about cycling is that you can end up in an unexpected, far-from-home place and sometimes see something so awesome that if you hadn’t come there no one would have noticed it that day.

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Over the years of using Figma, I often started a project with a blank file. I organized the space all over again and created various utilities depending on what the project required. I created personas and built another version of the Customer Journey Map, Kanban board, or any extras like visual comments. Today I’m no longer starting from scratch.

Medium Case

Preparing the ground for a new version of the online tool for hoteliers (2016-2017)

I’d like to tell you about a case in which we set out to build a new (beta) version of a tool for people who work in hotel public relations. The hotels get most of their bookings from HolidayCheck and are located in Spain, Egypt, and Turkey. Our team is based in Poznań, Poland, which presented additional challenges — for example where to get the data from and how to get test participants.

“There are no boring projects, there are only boring ways of doing them that you can choose.” 


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How I work?

Each project requires an individual approach. Understanding the goals, limitations and the environment in which it is being developed. The designer is both an artist and a craftsman. On the one hand, he is looking for inspiration and wants to find something original, to mark the product with himself. On the other hand, there are standards, processes and repetitive actions. Below you will find my general process when I start the new project.

Know the product, business expectations and what the customer problem this product solves

To solve a problem, you need to understand the product, its context and business expectations. Without this knowledge you rely only on experience and assumptions, and these can often lead you to bad decisions. So you gather information like a seasoned detective and try not to understand what’s going on here.
Expected activity: Mind Maps, Moodboards, Interaction Flow, Sitemap, Competitive Analysis

Understand the product through the eyes of the user

The information you collect is like collecting data during an investigation. You check various sources, analyze data and try to find connections. You connect the dots and get to the point where you can “feel” the situation, the product and its problems. The important element here is to understand the users of the product and to get to as much useful, fragmented information as possible.
Expected activity: User Flows, Analytics Reports, Personas, Archetypes, User Journey Map

Choose the problems that need to be solved

By understanding the context and available data, an action plan can be prepared. You can focus on well-defined problems and specific user stories. At this stage, it should be clear what should be done and why.
Expected activity: User Stories, Workshops

Start solving the problems

With a solid foundation from the previous stages, I can begin to look at the problem from different perspectives and generate solution proposals. At this stage, any technique for documenting ideas is good. The most important thing is to focus on finding solutions.
Expected activity: Mockups, List of Ideas, Visual Concepts

Create a solution

I always remember that people using the product have a unique context. They don’t know most of the information I’ve been able to gather and understand. They just have a goal in their mind – to do what they want to achieve. While working on specific screens, a lot of questions will appear in my head. “Will it work?” “Will they notice it, understand?” That is why for me it is also a perfect moment to prepare not only a design but also a list of questions and doubts, from which you can create a User Testing scenario.
Expected activity: Figma Designs, Research Plan, Hi-Fi Prototypes

Validate the solution

Testing and Research are critical to the success of the product. Not only do they give us confidence that something is built correctly, but they also reduce the cost of unnecessary development. In practice, however, many companies are in a hurry to release a live product and skip tests or want to do them later. At this stage, communicating the risks and possible costs of corrections is one of the main tasks have in mind.
Expected activity: Research scenario, Usability Report, RITE Testing
“ (1)

Michal is easily one of the best, most well-rounded UX professionals I've worked with. He has the experience needed to partner with product owners and lead product teams toward a well-defined, user-focused vision. He is a natural leader who can mentor designers and help them grow their careers. And he can roll up his sleeves when it's time to conduct usability tests, produce wireframes for discussion with the team, or work with developers to get great design into production.

Will Hortman

Head of Product Design • LeanTaaS

Working with Michał was a pleasant journey on making a great product. He showed his design expertise in multiple occasions, bringing his creativity to light. Putting the customer first, and making data-driven decisions. He always goes an extra mile in achieving great user experience.

Chris Tsitsaris

Senior Core iOS Engineer • Nord Security

Michal is a forward thinker in product design. With strong commitment and initiative, he is always looking for the best solution from a user perspective, whilst keeping business interests in mind.

Steffen Ketterer

Business Lead • HolidayCheck Group AG
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Some examples, the profile Dribbble honestly not often updated. You know what I mean, I got the best stuff in Figma.

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