Strategy. Research. Design.
Hello, I am Michał Aleksander, an Experienced Product Designer who can help your product
I am a Designer who have done a lot of usability tests and research since 2009. This means that I can be active throughout the whole design process, from gathering information and planning the concept, through testing it and delivering the final design. I have extensive experience in working with clients from Europe (mainly Germany, Switzerland, and England) and Asia (UAE and Bali). I have helped to create e-commerce, e-travel, e-learning products as well as for many specialist customers.
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Check my UXR Kit which enables you to add great-looking User Experience / Research methods next to your designs. With auto-layout and light / dark mode everything looks great regardless of the amount of content! Made with love to Figma.
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What I offer you?
I help to understand what problems need to be solved and how to
I can gather relevant information, conduct in-depth interviews with future or current customers or test and find usability problems.
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I help build the product from the customer's perspective
I can help you turn a vision of your product into a specific information architecture and a prototype showing how it can look and work.
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I create a modern and attractive design
I prepare a visual concept of the product, which is prepared for implementation and friendly in cooperation with developers (Figma).
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Example Use Cases

From the implementation to the strengthening of product position on the market (2018)

This case describes the stage of a product's life from the moment it appears on the web to the moment it undergoes significant changes resulting from intensive research and attempts to understand human behaviour and expectations.

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Preparing the ground for a new version of the online tool for hoteliers (2016-2017)

This case shows the process of creating a new version of the product, including research, rebuilding the information architecture and adjusting the features to the needs of a specialised group of customers.

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Example Design Works
HolidayCheck - Hotels & Reisen
In this project I was a Product Designer, who worked closely with Researcher. I was based on the Design System created for the desktop by previous designers, which I adapted to the mobile application (Android, iOS).
An App for people looking for a job in Bali
In this project, together with a group of developers, we wanted to create an application that would help people in Bali to find employment after the Covid-19 crisis (in Bali most of the economy is based on tourism). The application was released live really fast.
SOCIAL MEDIA to contact with people you don't know around you
A few years ago I was driving a tram and watching people who were using their smartphones. Some of them were clearly bored and looked for something that would provide them with valuable entertainment. It crossed my mind - what if these people, even if they didn't know each other, could write with each other?
Travel App Concept
It was a project - visual training. I wanted to prepare several screens of the application for people who are looking for holiday offers. At the same time I wanted to experiment with colors which were supposed to be more associated with sunset and sand - elements that are associated with a pleasant moment of being on holiday.
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