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Hello, I am Michał Aleksander, an Experienced Product Designer who can help with your product

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The key to building a forward-looking product is to understand the expectations and behavior of current or future customers. This allows you to make more accurate decisions.

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Building a product with good UX quality requires not only the ability to use system design, but also empathy and attention to the user context.

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Creating an attractive, modern, simple and predictable interface is not an easy task. It is a challenge that ends the design planning process of a project.

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I am a Designer who have done a lot of usability tests and research since 2009. This means that I can be active throughout the whole design process, from gathering information and planning the concept, through testing it and delivering the final design.

I have extensive experience in working with clients from Europe (mainly Germany, Switzerland, and England) and Asia (UAE and Bali). I have helped to create e-commerce, e-travel, e-learning products as well as for many specialist customers.


"Michal is a forward thinker in product design. With strong commitment and initiative, he is always looking for the best solution from a user perspective, whilst keeping business interests in mind."

Steffen Ketterer

"Michal is easily one of the best, most well-rounded UX professionals I've worked with. He has the experience needed to partner with product owners and lead product teams toward a well-defined, user-focused vision."

Will Hortman

"Michał is one of the best managers I’ve ever worked with. He always had a clear vision of the team, he listened to our suggestions and he motivated us to be the best at what we were doing."

Agata Tenerowicz

"He’s a reliable person, able to develop a good working relationship with both Project Manager and Business Stakeholders."

Małgorzata Ułasik

Example use cases

User Experience

This case shows the process of creating a new version of the product, including research, rebuilding the information architecture and adjusting the features to the needs of a specialised group of customers.

User Experience

This case describes the stage of a product's life from the moment it appears on the web to the moment it undergoes significant changes resulting from intensive research and attempts to understand human behaviour and expectations.