Michal Aleksander | Looking for a UX Designer?
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Interested in User Experience?

I’m Michał Aleksander and I am Digital Services Designer & Architect

The experience we gain throughout our lives is a process of learning and forgetting the reality, the people, and the events while our brain collects behavioral patterns and attaches emotions to them. People may forget what you said to them, but they won’t forget how they felt near you. UX is similar - people may forget what they saw on your webpage or in you app, but they will remember how they felt using it.

That’s how I understand User Experience which I have been dealing with for a decade. I keep getting engaged in a variety of projects within which I design, test the designs, organize workshops with users and employees, and help improving digital product creation processes.

Sometimes, it’s also my responsibility to improve the way a given team or company works.

What can I do for you?

Already have a Live Product?

  • I will analyse the data already available at your company
  • I will test it with your users
  • I will carry out an expert analysis
  • I will propose changes to improve its UX level

Thinking of a new product?

  • I will research the expectations of future users
  • I will prepare a prototype tailored to their needs and expectations
  • I will test the live product after its launch

Want to improve UX in your organisation?

  • I will recognise your Product Delivery issues and fix them
  • I will improve UX aware in your company
  • I will train your UX guys to be more effective
How do I work?
Analysis of available data

To understand your product and business expectations

Discover user needs

To understand what people may expect from your product

Prototyping top solutions

To build prototype ready to be tested

User testing

To understand how close we are to face those expectations

My Book

How to become a better UX Designer: A practical guidebook for UX Designers working in the Scrum methodology

All my advice is based on the situations I experienced myself and the projects I had the chance to work on. I hope, then, that the book you’re holding in your hands will provide you with practical advice on how to behave in various situations you might find yourself in on your path to becoming a consciously self-developing UX Designer.

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