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I'm Michał Aleksander
and I am a Digital Services Designer & Architect
since 2009

The experience we gain throughout our lives is a process of learning and forgetting reality, people, and events, while our brains collect behavioral patterns assign emotions to them.

People may forget what you said to them, but they won't forget they felt near you. UX is similar - people may forget what they saw on your webpage or in your app, but they will remember how they felt using it.

What can I do

I like to get engaged in projects where I can discover user needs, design, test the designs, organize workshops with user and employees, and help improving digital product creation processes. Sometimes, it's also my responsibility to improve the way a given team or company works.

  • Analysis of Available Data

    Analysis of Available Data

    To understand your product and business expectations

  • Discover User Needs

    Discover User Needs

    To understand what people may expect from your product

  • Prototyping and Designing Top Solutions

    Prototyping and Designing Top Solutions

    To build prototype ready to be tested

  • User Testing

    User Testing

    To understand how close we are to face those expectations

My UX Designer Skills

Prototyping Presenting Designing User Testing People Managing Sketching

Work Experience

Work experience Work experience Work experience

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People about my work

Michal is a very passionate UX manager with a strong focus on meeting customer requirements. Working with him is a pleasure since he is highly motivated and drives his topics also perfectly aligned with management, peers and his team. I like his structured approach, clear communication, creativity and results orientation.
Timo Salzsieder
Timo Salzsieder
Michal is a great example of experienced UX Designer and a very good UX Manager with strong leadership skills. I had a chance to be the member of the Design Team he was leading at Pearson and it was really productive and well-spent time. It was a pleasure to work with Michał on the same projects as his vast knowledge and organization was always present on the highest level. If you need a true expert and a compassionate leader for your team, Michał is definitely the right person.
Dawid Młynarz
Dawid Młynarz
I had pleasure worked with Michał. He’s knowledge about UX and is amazing. He really understand the slogan „user-oriented”. I’m sure than Michał can solve every UX problem. Highly recommend.
Michał Orzoł
Michał Orzoł
I know Michal from Pearson Education where we work in the same team but in different countries. He is an incredibly intelligent and creative person who has strong UX strategic thinking skills. Michal is one of a few colleagues that I know who really understands the true meaning of the voice of customer and innovation. He also has excellent interpersonal skills and able to communicate effectively at all levels. He is an impeccable team player. A team with Michal will be definitely a stronger team.
Pedro Suspiro
Pedro Suspiror
Michał is one of the best managers I’ve ever worked with. He always had a clear vision of the team, he listened to our suggestions and he motivated us to be the best at what we were doing. He has a deep knowledge and understanding of user-centred design techniques and principles and he knows how to share this knowledge with others. I do recommend him as a manager and as a UX Designer to any company that want to work with competent, friendly and open-minded person.
Agata Tenerowicz
Agata Tenerowicz